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Table of Contents


* Data doesn't lie, except when it might be profitable
* Scientific safeguards insufficient to detect fakes
* Medical research scrutinized
* Have You Had Any of these NutraSweet/Equal symptoms?
* Step by Step History of Aspartame
* Diagram of Aspartame molecule

Aspartame Consumer Safety Network Section:

* ACSN Founder's Bio
* New Dallas Group Urges Warning on NutraSweet
* Aspartame Activists Make A Stand
* Letter to Editor - Another danger ... MSG
* Woman wages aspartame fight on cooking class
* Product safety questions lead to class cancellation
* Aspartame Experts at a Glance - The Expert Witness Journal
* There's a Moral in the Land of the Sugar Plum Fairy (fiction)
* Patricia Crain's tragic death
* Christina Onassis addicted to Diet Coke
* Aspartame support group formed in Minnesota
* NutraSweet Battle Heats Up
* Spring Hill FL Women Fight Diet Product (Methanol poisoning case)
* Europe, Canada, Mideast Report Blood Disorder Cases (EMS)
* ACSN Position Paper on L-Tryptophan Deception

Research Section:

* NutraSweet Investigator Reports Increase in Brain Tumors Since 1984 (advent of NutraSweet in Diet Drinks)
* New Perspectives Concerning Alzheimer's Disease - On Call Palm Beach Co. Med. Soc.
* Does Aspartame Cause Human Brain Cancer? Journal of Adv. in Medicine
* Aspartame & Headache (New England Journal of Medicine)
* The Doctor's Corner - Aspartame, Trick or Treat?
* Environmental Hypothesis for Brain Diseases Strengthened by New Data (Aspartic Acid connection)
* Excitatory amino acid receptors, excitotoxicity, and the human nervous system
* Association of Birth Defect Children - The Aspartame Controversy
* Dermatology Rounds - Skin & Allergy News. Aspartame Associated With Case of Lobular Panniculitis
* Aspartame exacerbates EEG spike-wave discharge in children--Birth Defect Study - Neurotoxicology and Teratology
* Aspartame in Children's Medications (partial list)
* Adverse Reactions to Aspartame: Double-Blind Challenge in Patients from a Vulnerable Population - Dr. R. Walton Biological Psychiatry
* Aspartame, Methanol & the Public Health - Dr. W. Monte
* Use of Aspartame by persons with diabetes - Dr. H.J. Roberts

Letters from Senate Hearing Records:

* Louis J. Elsas, M.D., Dir., Div. of Med. Genetics, Prof. of Pediatrics -Emory Univ.
* William Pardridge, M.D., Prof. of Medicine - U.C.L.A.
* Morgan B. Raiford, M.D. Opthalmologist
* Orion T. Ayer, M.D., The Retina Institute
* Ralph Dawson, M.D. - University of Florida
* Gerald A. Schroeter, M.D., Neurologist
* Statement of James B. Turner, Attorney (co-founder A.C.S.N.)
* H.J. Roberts, M.D. - Palm Beach Inst. for Medical Research, Inc.
* New Artificial Sweeteners Rekindle Debate Over Health Risks

Flying & Aspartame:

* Aspartame and Flying - Extraordinary Science, March, 1995
* U.S. Air Force Flying Safety - Aspartame Alert
* National Business AircraftAssn. Digest - Bitter Aftertaste
* FAA Medical Examiner's Case Histories (James B. Hays, M.D.)
* Report links aspartame to pilot and driver error
* Aviation Medical Bulletin - Pilots & Aspartame
* Can Aspartame Cause Hypoxia at Altitudes? (G. Leighton)
* Safeguard - The Aviation Consumer
* Fit to Fly - Aspartame and Diet Drinks (CGAN art.)
* Pacific Flyer - This Could Save Your Life
* Letters to Editors (Flying Magazines)
* Gen. Aviation News - NutraSweet ... too good to be true?
* Australia's Aviation Safety Digest - Not for the Dieting Pilot
* Plane & Pilot - High on High (Getting High on Aspartame)
* London's The Food mag. - Aspartame safety review - Pilot safety fears over Aspartame
* Some Still Bitter Over NutraSweet
* "NutraSweet Tests Faked" - London's The Guardian newspaper
* International Council of Air Shows '95


* Science Fair Contestant - Aspartame Project Results
* Diet Soft Drink May Wash Away Pearly White Shine (Dental)
* NutraSweet Tries Being More of a Sweetie (Business Week)
* Artificial Sweetener News - Center for Science in the Public Interest
* Nutrition Week - A.C.S.N. On Top of Things
* Anecdote by Anecdote - Aspartame Not So Sweet
* Artificial Sweetener linked to Health Problems by Some
* FDA Director Kessler starts every day with a diet drink (Time)
* Vegetarian Times - Aspartame Still Bittersweet
* Diet Sodas - Do You Know What You're Drinking? (IDEA Today)
* U.N.T. Student Assembly Votes to Educate on Aspartame
* Aspartame Symposium at Univ. of North Texas
* NutraSweet Controversy Gains National Recognition
* Dr. Lendon Smith's The Facts - Greed vs Health, Which Will Win?
* American Dietetic Association receives $75,000 from NutraSweet
* Epilepsy Foundation Honors Samuel Skinner
* Dangers of Aspartame Ingestion Coming Through Loud & Clear
* How Aspartame Can Harm You - Dr. Julian Whitaker's Health & Healing, December 1994
* Sweet Poison - Hustler, December 1994
* Nutrition Week - May 26, 1995
* Nutrition & Healing - November 1995 - Dr. Jonathan Wright
* Advance (Journal for Nurse Practitioners) - June, 1996