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NEWS FLASH April 9, 2001:

Australia and New Zealand are about to approve neotame as a sweetener and flavour enhancer.

Their joint regulatory agency ANZFA (Australia New Zealand Food Authority) has received from Food Liaison Ltd an application=petition (dated 12/14/99). ANZFA concluded positively in a Full assessment report on Application A406 (dated 12/20/00).

Full report (170 pages) is available at ANZFA website: in PDF format (the format is erroneously labeled Word5).The main body of the report is made of summaries of the 72 studies exhibited to legitimate the approval. While summaries are rather fuzzy, I have noticed some interesting features :

Study PCR-0949 (on page 66- physical numbering) : the study design section tells us:
”Post-mortem examinations were performed on the animals that died during the study ...[ BTW : How many died?]”, while Results section claims : “No animals died during this study”.

Study PCR-0994 : same comments (on page 68).

Study PCR-0949 again (on page 66) noticed alecopia and scabs and concludes “While these findings are unlikely to be related to treatment, given the short duration and small number of animals, their relevance cannot be eliminated”. Was the study itself relevant?

[Information sent to ACSN by Christian Lang of Lyon, France 4/9/01]