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Interview with Environment News Network


Dear Friends of ACSN,

James Turner and I want to thank Congressman Dick Armey for setting up the historic meeting with top officials of the Food and Drug Administration. We also want to thank Environment News Network for featuring our story in their widely-read publication.

One major correction to the linked story: Congressman Armey told constituents Stoddard and Anesthetist, Larry Taylor at a private meeting in Armey's Dallas office [1988] that his wife no longer drank diet drinks because she did not want to experience headaches. [As far as I know Armey has never used aspartame as a sweetener.]

Prior to meeting with FDA in Washington D.C., I was the invited guest lecturer at American University's School of Journalism, Saturday, October 2.

Best wishes to all - please keep in touch,

Mary Nash Stoddard

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