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Los Angeles, CA - October 26, 1996 - (ACSN) -- Millions watched as Paramount Pictures' HARD COPY took on makers of Aspartame and the FDA, two days in a row the week of October 21st on national television. Anti-Aspartame Activists from Dallas based Aspartame Consumer Safety Network were featured.

Pilots with seizures from Aspartame (who lost their medical certification to fly) were seen telling the world about the 'Ticking Time Bomb' in the cockpit on every flight. In the form of Aspartame in sugarfree gums, breath mints, Equal, diet soft drinks, kool aid type drinks and foods laced with the sweetener, better known as NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonfuls, NatraSweet, Canderal, etc.

Two Commercial Airline Pilots talked about their frightening grand mal seizures. One in the cockpit, while in flight, making national headlines a few years back. Both lost 'medical certification to fly' as have dozens of others. They blame their medical problems on Aspartame. ACSN's Hotline also heard from other airline pilots who reported grand mal seizures in the cockpit in flight.

A huge audience watched incredulously as Senior NutraSweet Medical Consultant, Robert Moser, M.D., extolled the virtues of Aspartame for use by: 'children, pregnant women and lactating mothers.'

One interviewee, the mother of a four year old who died and was brought back to life in the ER, believes her daughter suffers irreparable brain damage from consumption of the sweetener in the form of children's vitamins.

James Sutton, 30 year old diabetic, described a debilitating stroke after heavy consumption of the sweetener. In the hospital, his doctor told him to 'stay away from it.'

Neurosurgeon/Author, Dr. Russell Blaylock, told of treating patients in his practice who have sustained serious neurological damage from their use of this 'Excitotoxin.'

University Professor, Jan Hull Smith, who suffered from Graves Disease after beginning to use the sweetener in shakes and soft drinks in lieu of meals, to lose a few pounds, was shown.

Following HARD COPY's exposť, email messages, phone calls, and frantic requests for further documentation flood Aspartame Consumer Safety Network's Dallas office. ACSN's website is getting hundreds of 'hits' from people searching for more information. Victims are stepping forward in record numbers with their 'horror stories.'

ACSN leaders salute HARD COPY for courage and foresight in airing this powerful story.