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ACSN congratulates Italian Scientist Who Established the Link Between Artificial Sweeteners and Cancers in Recent Studies

Dallas - April 23 2007 -- A second study conducted by the European Ramazzini Foundation (ERF) confirms the carcinogenicity of aspartame. The results of this study will be presented today at the Mount Sinai Medical School of New York, where ERF Scientific Director Morando Soffritti will receive the third Irving J. Selikoff Award.


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 Advancing Advocacy for Aspartame Awareness

Aspartame Consumer Safety Network is an international non-profit organization  consisting of thousands of volunteer health care professionals, scientists and concerned consumers. The pioneer aspartame education and action organization was founded in 1987, by broadcast journalist and former state judge, Mary Nash Stoddard and Washington D.C. consumer advocate, James Turner, Esq., in order to promote public awareness of a major health and public policy issue. 

A.C.S.N. volunteers communicate daily with individuals who seek credible information and assistance for serious health problems. Adverse reaction reports are gathered via mail, email and telephone from individuals and doctors all over the world. These reports number well over ten thousand to date. A.C.S.N. founders traverse the globe giving keynote speeches and media interviews on behalf of the organization. Aspartame Consumer Safety Network is the primary resource for journalists seeking scientifically-documented credible information on aspartame. 

This website presents reliable articles, news releases, personal stories, and scientific studies for those wishing to learn more about artificial sugar substitutes. Visitors to the site receive constructive advice on how  to get actively involved with a successful aspartame awareness campaign. Our organization rises above the often controversial aspects of the aspartame issue, choosing  to address the positive, intelligent solutions, rather than using inflammatory rhetoric that only serves to alienate many of those we wish to persuade. Instead of hurling epithets, we seek to present the truth in its most powerful, positive form.  

Tell others what you see here. Together we will alert an unsuspecting public as to the reported effects of the artificial sweetener, aspartame. A.C.S.N. leadership hopes all who read this will 'Stay healthy, stay happy and get involved.'